Apple Bundle – Ultimate Edition

macbook-606763_640Bundle of only the latest and greatest products from Apple. Create a high technology bundle with the lowest price possible. Below you will find each product that is included in the Ultimate Apple Bundle from Madbid, Amazon or Ebay.

The iPhone 6s

With 3D Touch, you can view photos like you’ve never been able to before, thanks to Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 6s Plus. Peek and Pop allow you to view content, and even interact with it, without having to open it, such as Peeking at an email within your inbox. Should you wish to reply, just press deeper to Pop it open. Quick Actions let you start a message or bring up the camera instantly with a single press from the home screen.

iOS 9 on the iPhone 6s Plus has updated the majority of apps that are offered within the App Store, considering they need to be compatible with 3D Touch and Spotlight search, for example. You can even have a live wallpaper as your background, and take photos that act like animated GIFs, or even a full video.

The new Settings has a search bar, which makes all needed changes easy and fast to do. WiFi assist helps to boost your phone with cellular data for a better connection overall. iOS 9 has a higher quality with streaming through Apple Music being able to play at 256 kbps, even when you’re not connected to WiFi or cellular data.


The iPod Touch 6

With the sixth generation of Apple iPod Touch, you get an A8 chip, 8mp, iSight camera, and five stunning colors to choose from; space gray, blue, gold, pink, silver, and an exclusive red. Thanks to iCloud, you can have your music automatically available on each Apple device that you own, with a battery capable of running forty hours of music, and even eight hours of video playback. With iOS 9 and 16 GB, you cannot go wrong.

The capacities are 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB, Madbid carries the highest as an Apple exclusive, and the product only weighs about 3.10 ounces, which is incredibly light. The power and battery of the iPod Touch 6 are a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the best in the industry.


MacBook Pro

With a stunning Retina display, five million pixels, a 15-inch model, and text that is intensely clear, the MacBook Pro by Apple is an incredible notebook and is the world’s most advanced when it comes to high performance. With the 15-inch model, you get up to nine hours of battery life, which tops any other notebook.
To elaborate, Retina Display allows you to zoom and see images more clearly while reducing the glare of any light around you and maintaining exceptional quality and color. Brighter colors, or colors that are not black or white, come in more vibrant and rich.

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Multi-Touch through OS X allows you to do realistic swiping, pinching, and switching, which before you could only do on an iPhone, and other gestures, to let you get more out of the space on your desktop window. Sensors and other subtle detect motions work with the amount of pressure you’re applying with Force Touch trackpad. Force Touch uses all of the capabilities that you’d get with Multi-Touch but amps it up more for better usage.

The 15-inch model has a battery life of up to nine hours, depending on how much you are using it and what you are doing on it. This is an hour longer for each previous model of MacBook that has come out, and is an impressive battery life when it comes to all notebooks available on the market.

With high performance, a state of the art processors, incredible graphics, ultra-high resolution display, and a design that is super slim, the latest MacBook Pro is an incredibly remarkable machine to

The iPad Air 2

With up to ten hours of battery, Touch ID for added security, and Apply Pay, the iPad Air 2 has new speeds and a better display, making it the most advanced and latest iPad on the current market. Wi-Fi capabilities are also faster than any iPad or cell phone, thanks to the best LTE technology.

The iPad Air 2 comes with 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, an 8-megapixel primary camera on the back, and a camera on the front that is 1.2-megapixels, which is perfect for selfies. Overall, the iPad Air 2 has continuity on the iOS system, has the best camera on any tablet in the market, incorporates a new design that is absolutely brilliant, and is perfect for gaming on apps. The colors come in silver, gold, or space gray, with a dual core of 1.5GHz.


Apple Watch 2

The latest Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 2, will also be included in the Ultimate Apple Bundle on release. The 2 will have an incredible battery life, one that is definitely better than the 1, which is important. With personalized Live Photos, a longer battery life, and a ton of apps that are built for the watch and ease of use, this new Apple Watch is the latest and greatest.

Siri is also featured on the Apple Watch 2, as well as a GPS system to help you navigate around town, despite the small size. CareKit will also be incorporating itself into the features, working as an app that involves health care and the monitoring of an individual’s health. For example, the first CareKit was made to focus on Parkinson’s disease, while another was showcased to be used for someone who has a recovery process that requires them to be monitored.

Other features within this app are physical therapy exercises, recording systems such as photographing wounds and monitoring temperature to make notes on overall progression, and the tracking of necessary medications.


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