Nikon D5500 Digital SLR Camera vs. Samsung NX500 Digital Camera


Both cameras by Nikon and Samsung have similar features, technical parameters, and their usability, but which one is the better buy based on price, features, and their need of use. Within this article, we compare the Nikon D5500 Digital SLR Camera with the Samsung NX500 Digital Camera to see which is more suitable when it comes to their technical parameters and their usability.

Nikon D5500 Digital SLR Camera


The Nikon D5500 Digital SLR Camera inspires an entirely new level of creativity and comes with incredible features. For example, you can flip the Nikon’s touch screen vary-angle display in order to capture a photo that is as sharp as a knife, thanks to the 24.2-megapixel capabilities. The D5500 also transforms into a full HD video camera with just a simple touch, and can record 1080 quality videos with a high-speed frame of the 60p rate. This is perfect for creating slow motion effects that flow smoothly, as well as for capturing something that is moving too quickly for an ordinary camera or video camera.


Other features include HDR photography, interval timer sequences, and star trail images. You can also add some artistic effects, use filters on the images, and even retouch your images before you upload them off of your camera. You can do all editing and anything you need to be done on the photos straight from the camera. You can even send your photos right from your camera, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi.


The technical specifications are surreal. The monitor size is 3.2 inches diagonally; 42.2 million megapixels, a sensor size of 23.5 mm x 15.6 mm, an ISO sensitivity of 100 – 25,600, and has a body weight of 14.9 ox, or 420 g. The dimensions for width, height, and depth are 4.9 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches.

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Overall, the Nikon D5500 SLR Camera with 18-105mm VR lens is quite the camera and packs a serious punch when it comes to its features and technical specifications.

Samsung NX500 Digital Camera

The Samsung NX500 Digital Camera has one incredible feature that needs to be noted straight off the bat. With 4K UHD video recording, you get 4X the details and resolution of full HD with HEVC G.265 support that captures all minor details without using all of the storage space that is generally used for HD recording. The NX Autofocus System III captures all of the life’s most precious moments with incredible detail, due to the quick NX Autofocus System that features a hybrid autofocus. It’s the perfect combination of accuracy and speed.


The NX500 has the world’s first ever 28MP, BSI APS/C size image sensor. With 28MP worth of resolution, the Samsung NX500 camera has the highest resolution when it comes to an APS/C size sensor currently available on the market. The backside illumination technology, or BSI, allows a lot lighter to reach the camera’s sensor, which results in improved details within the image and lowers noise when it comes to recording a video.


The DRIMe VS Processor is the most powerful, fastest image processor available for any digital camera in the world, and comes with the accuracy, performance, and speed that is necessary for all shooting conditions when recording videos and taking pictures. Photo Shot tracks movement and triggers the shutter automatically to capture the perfect moment through a predictive algorithm, and supports both WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities for easy sharing and fast connectivity.

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The main LCD screen is 3 inches of super AMOLED with Touch Screen and has OIS Mode 1/Mode 2/Off for Optical Image Stabilization. The lenses are interchangeable and come with a Samsung NX lens.


The Winner

Overall, the winner is clearly every single reader of this article, as it comes with not only with advice which camera is better but with the best place to buy it from.


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